Terry Hoppe


Hello! I’m Ms. Hoppe. This will be my 22nd year of teaching overall; I still love every day of this profession!  I have three beautiful daughters; one lives in Portland, Oregon, one in Denver, and my oldest is married and lives in Arvada.  She has my first granddaughter, who turned two this summer in June and will have my first grandson in September! In my free time I enjoy gardening, running, reading, and spending time with my family -- and taking care of a year-old puppy named Penny. She’s really sweet and is keeping me very busy! She’s so active she has to go to daycare twice a week!

I believe in open communication and that parents and teachers are partners when it comes to a child’s education. In addition, I feel a child’s school days should feel positive and successful -- as well as exciting and challenging. Right away, I spend time getting to know your child as an individual so I can discover their strengths – that way, I can better guide and facilitate their growth through positive experiences and high expectations.