Classroom Placement Input for 2019-20 School Year

At Pioneer Elementary School, we like to partner with parents to determine class placement each year.  We believe that parents can offer valuable insight into the type of teacher who can best help their child thrive.  Classes are always arranged to benefit the students in each class. We work to create classrooms that are balanced. We “cluster” groups of students with similar needs. At each grade level, we might have a cluster of students who are gifted, a cluster of students who are reading below grade level or a cluster of students who are learning to speak English.  We also look for a balanced number of boys and girls and a fair distribution of ability levels. Finally, we attempt to match students to teachers. Because we look at a number of factors when creating class lists, it is important to remember that we cannot honor all parent requests.  


  • All parent requests must be submitted by the last day of school using the “Student Learning Profile” form (available after Spring Break).


  • We recommend that parents make requests based on teaching styles and special skills, rather than requesting specific teachers.  For example, a parent might request a teacher with specialized training in reading instruction or a teacher who is highly structured.


  • If you are unhappy with your assigned teacher, please contact the principal.  Class assignment changes will only be made after we have the opportunity to evaluate class sizes and the mix of students in each class.  It usually takes us until Labor Day to determine if we can make changes after school has started. Not all requests to change classes can be honored.

  • Please remember that we cannot guarantee that all parent requests will be honored.