About Pioneer

We are happy that you have chosen to enroll your student(s) at Pioneer Elementary.  Our vision is to “empower each other to Pioneer a better tomorrow.” In order to help our students realize this vision, we strive to help our students grow physically, intellectually and emotionally.  We believe that students need to acquire not only academic skills but the attitudes that will help them find success when they enter the “real world”. To achieve this, we teach not only the content (reading, math, etc) but a variety of skills and attitudes.  We concentrate on skills that we call the Four Cs - Communication Skills, Collaboration Skills, Critical Thinking Skills and Creativity. Additionally, we help students develop the attitudes we believe lead to success, we call these attitudes the Pack Profile. The attributes of the Pack Profile include: caring, respectful, prepared, principled, persistent, inquisitive, motivated, adaptable, risk-taking and open-mindedness.  To learn more, visit our main page and look for the link to Pack Profile.

Every year, students at Pioneer participate in One School | One Cause.  During the school year, children will explore an issue in our community, then work collaboratively to develop and implement innovative solutions to the problem.  in our first year, we tackled the issue of declining monarch butterfly populations. last year, we explored childhood poverty in our community.  this year, we will study illiteracy in our community. the year-long study will culminate in action projects, developed by the students, designed to help the problem at hand.  students at each grade level will share their learning with peers at other grade levels and the local community. one school | one cause gives our students the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to find creative solutions to real-world problems.